Sierra Space is helping humanity go to space in new ways. Sierra Space builds and delivers the future of space transportation, destinations and infrastructure, offering “space-as-a-service” in support of the new space economy. A subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), Sierra Space offers turnkey solutions that are modular, reusable and scalable leveraging breakthrough technologies including the Dream Chaser® spaceplane, also known as America’s Spaceplane® and the expandable LIFE™ habitat.

What We Believe

We envision a future where humanity lives and works in space, on moons, and on distant planets. People are married, children are born, families are raised, businesses are built and new civilizations thrive.

Our vision isn’t restricted to the few, nor solely to governments, instead we see a future where all people can choose to live, work, explore, and vacation beyond our planet.

Who We Are

We are courageous pioneers, innovators and doers.

Our Values

Our Customers: We are insanely passionate about our customers – it shows in everything we do.

Our Mission: We are deeply committed to our mission. It drives how we think about the future and ensures we stay focused on achieving the necessary outcomes today.

Our Team: Our team members are brilliant, creative, courageous, collaborative, and passionate about our mission. We hire the very best people that share our passion and our values. We reward our team members for their performance. We provide them with the tools, training and mentorship to do their very best work and advance their careers. We genuinely care for one another and it shows in our actions and in our tone. 

Teamwork: We have unquestionable integrity. We work together to solve issues and challenges. We are candid and respectful, compassionate and constructive. We are always open, straightforward, and transparent. We actively seek expertise to help solve our challenges. We consistently work to earn each other’s trust. And, we have a lot of fun together. 

Courage: We challenge when we disagree, speak up loudly when something appears wrong, and commit when a path forward is determined. We ensure everyone feels safe to voice their opinions, and we actively listen to understand. 

Empowerment: We empower our team members and consistently hold each other accountable for results. We ensure every team member makes a meaningful contribution to the achievements of our mission. 

Excellence: We consistently deliver on our promises. Our customers can trust us. We are tenacious to drive down the costs of our products. We have a relentless demand for quality and safety, and insist on the highest standards from ourselves and everyone we work with.  

Oriented Toward Action: We are entrepreneurs, we take calculated risks, and we always execute with speed and discipline. We fundamentally reject non-value added bureaucracy. 

Innovation: We are fierce competitors. We will always seek the most ingenious ideas and ways of doing things regardless of the origin, in order to disrupt the market in technology, performance, cost, time to market, or process streamlining. 

Strategic: We take the long-term view and are bold both in our thinking and our actions. 

30+ years of proven spaceflight heritage

Sierra Space has provided more than 4,000 space systems, subsystems and components to customers worldwide, and participated in more than 500 missions to space, including to Mars. The company has technology in production and in development to enable space habitats for short- and long-duration space travel, a fleet of Dream Chaser spaceplanes, and the first free-flying commercial space station.

30+ years of proven spaceflight heritage

The world’s only runway-landing spaceplane for civil and commercial use

The Dream Chaser spaceplane is a multi-mission space utility vehicle designed to transport crew and cargo to low-Earth orbit (LEO) destinations such as the International Space Station. Under NASA's Commercial Resupply Service 2 (CRS-2) contract, Dream Chaser will provide a minimum of seven cargo missions to and from the space station beginning in 2022.

The world’s only runway-landing spaceplane for civil and commercial use

We bring life to space and space to life

With technologies that make space more affordable and accessible, Sierra Space is creating an ecosystem for a prosperous and secure space economy that benefits all humanity. Sierra Space originated within Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), the global aerospace and defense company led and owned by Eren and Fatih Ozmen.

Sierra Space employees examining space technology

Sierra Space Careers

At Sierra Space, you’ll find a supportive, respectful and upbeat culture where your opinions matter and your personal contributions have impact.

If you’re thinking about your own next frontier, we’d love to help you explore it.