A Message from Sierra Space


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The entire Sierra Space team are all deeply saddened by the devastation caused by the horrific fires in our beloved Colorado community.

The level of total destruction, damage and heartbreak - including to many of our own team members’ homes - is beyond comprehension. 

Given the destruction of these fires, we are all very grateful that our team members, our families, and members of our community are safe. Our heart goes out to the families in our community with two loved ones still unaccounted for. 

We have all witnessed, heard and seen so many acts of neighbors helping neighbors, team members helping fellow colleagues, and fire fighters and police officers putting themselves directly in grave personal danger to ensure others got to safety. As saddened as we are about the devastating fires, we can also be equally as inspired and strengthened by the compassion and teamwork demonstrated during these tough times.


We stand in solidarity with the first responders for their unwavering bravery and incredible work on the ground, keep all those affected paramount in our thoughts and actions, and in awe of a local community responding to such challenging adversity in complete unity.

While we take actions to support our own team mates impacted and thank all those that have offered their support, we urge those wishing to lend their help to the community to visit Community Foundation Boulder County, Boulder Office of Emergency Management, The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross of Colorado to see how they can contribute.


Thank you for your support.