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Sierra Space became one of the world’s most innovative companies in space because of our ability to tailor solutions to our customers' needs. In order to do that to the best of our ability, we welcome feedback to help us improve.

We also know that having proper resources on procedures and protocols for our programs is paramount. Sierra Space strives to outline responsibilities for every supplier and maintain proper communication so that both parties can be successful.


It's important that we understand the threats that face us and the joint responsibility necessary to secure our supply chain.
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Accounts Payable

  • All invoices should be e-mailed directly to the A/P e-mail box with the invoice attached in PDF form — ONE invoice per PDF attachment and multiple PDF's can be attached to one e-mail.
  • All invoices should include purchase order line allocation.
  • Please send to:

Please note any invoices sent via mail are mailed back to the supplier, with a letter stating that invoices must be sent via e-mail. Please avoid delays by ensuring you send all invoices to SNC Account Payable using the email address.


Additional Resources

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GA-INST-109 U.S. Import Instruction for Suppliers A  

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At Sierra Space, you’ll find a supportive, respectful and upbeat culture where your opinions matter and your personal contributions have impact.

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